domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Cover #13 - Wales - 16/11/2010

Dean Willis, from Wales, sent me this beautiful cover with the red dragon (Ddraig Goch) and the word Cymru, that means Wales in welsh.

Inside, there was a cover full of nice stamps from the UK, about many different topics, and two pamphlets about an event where Dean took part.

Thanks Dean!

Cover #12 - Argentina - 15/11/2010

Viviana Cernjul, from Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina, sent me this First Day Cover. It was issued on September 25th, because of the World Philatelic Exhibition Portugal 2010. I liked both the stamps and the postmark, it's nice!

Thank you very much Viviana!

sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Cover #11 - R. O .Korea - 05/11/2010

I received this cover from Korea. It was sent by my friend Park, who lives in Seoul. He chose this triangle stamps for my cover. I really like them. Also, I like the postmark.

Inside the cover, I found a pamphlet and a lighthouse stamp.

Thanks Park!

Postcard #10 - Philippines - 15/11/2010

My friend John Paul from Manila, Philippines, sent me this nice postcard about my main topic: lighthouses. This lighthouse is Cape Bojador Lighthouse, considered the highest lighthouse in that country. This is the postcard:

Thank you JP!

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Cover #9 - Germany - 05/11/2010

My friend Pete from the UK sent me this cover while he was visiting Germany. It has two nice stamps with different lighthouses in Germany: the first one is Neuwerk lighthouse, and the second one is Falshöft lighthouse.

Inside the cover there was this pamphlet about a theater play.

Thank you Pete!

Cover #8 - USA - 05/11/2010

Today I received this beautiful cover from the United States of America. My friend Larry sent me it with 3 stamps about lighthouses:
  • the first one in Maragorda Island, Texas.
  • the second one in Sabine Pass, Lousiana.
  • the third on in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Inside was the set of stamps about Gull Coast Lighthouses, including this three lighthouses and two more: Sand Island (Alabama) and Fort Jefferson (Florida). And two nice postcards, too, showing Willow Creek (the place where Larry lives) and Carsion Mansion.

Thank you Larry!

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Cover #7 - Argentina - 27/10/2010

My good friend Carlos from Santa Fe, Argentina, sent me this cover with two stamps. This stamps are part of the issue about the 2010 Portugal International Expo.

The first one shows Querandí's Lighthouse, located in Buenos Aires province, whereas the second one shows Santa María's Lighthouse, located in Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal.

Thank you Carlos!
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